The Refurbish of Eureka

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When an experienced boat owner brought his 2009 year, Maritimo 60 (#39) to Motor Yacht Services for some work, he had more than a simple refurbish in mind. While he loved the overall layout and design of the boat, there were a few things he felt the boat needed to make it even better.

Based in New Caledonia, Eureka has spent its time between game fishing and family cruising, so the dynamics of the boat have been geared around both requirements. After considering trading the boat in on a new model, the owner felt he could get all he needed by having the alterations done to his current boat.

His first call was to Motor Yacht Service Centre, based at Clearwater Marina, Westpark, Auckland. Run by Dean and Glynis Ryder they have made a reputation of transformed and extending the popular Maritimo 60. PPB has written before about how Motor Yacht Service Centre take a stock Maritimo 60 and add on everything from extended transoms (taking the boat to 19.8m), lifting strakes, gyros and completely redesigned cockpit layouts. Eureka is the fourteenth to be given the treatment.

“When the owner came to us he had a list of things he wanted to be done. While he loved everything about the design and layout there were a few things he wanted to change to suit his purposes better”, says Ryder.

Growing List

Initially, the plan was just for a gyro and some minor alterations, but once the owner saw what Motor Yacht Service Centre could do, the shopping list grew considerably. These included adding a gyro, 1.6m hull extension, hydraulic lifting platform, cockpit extension, a flybridge head/shower and even some alterations to the accommodation and galley areas. Plus the entire electrical, entertainment and electronics systems have been upgraded.

“We did a full upgrade on the electronics with a change to twin Simrad 19” glass bridge screens, added a new Fusion sound and entertainment system, Hella LED lighting, C-Zone, Simrad sonar and upgraded the inverter/charger and battery system,” says marine electrician Alex Murray.

A lot of the new look is based on the Maritimo 500 & 550 Sportfisher styling, with features such as the wide high gloss teak cappings with live bait tank and bbq. “It is a Maritimo and will always be a Maritimo and that’s something that is very important to us”, says Ryder.

Under the cockpit sole, there’s now a Tohmei ARG175T anti-roll gyro. Formally marketed under the Mitsubishi brand, the ARG175T was an easy fit to the spacious area in the lazarette. Weighing 380 kg and taken up a reasonably small space, the unit does an outstanding job of keeping the Maritimo 70 on an even keel.

“We have fitted quite a few ARG gyros and we find they are not only very easy to install, but they also work exceptionally well, and our customers love them,” says Ryder.

The twin C18 Cats, which had done about 900 hours when Eureka arrive at Motor Yacht Services were also given a full service and all the running gear checked before the boat went back in the water.

Entertaining Cockpit

The original cockpit island unit was removed and the transom extended a further 600mm aft. The dive platform has been lengthened and the cockpit floor level has been carried right through, with the Portofino extended and then a traditional transom reinstated.  Much of the original cockpit island that was already on the boat was incorporated into the new design, so it all still looks in keeping with the surrounding layout.

Being a serious fishing machine, Eureka now has the addition of Tuna tubes, plus the live bait tank has been retained. There’s also a new bbq and sink in the transom.

In the cockpit area, there is a new table and seating arrangement to starboard, as the owner wanted an al fresco dining style layout. The access to the and from the cockpit is now restricted to only the port side.

Plus, as the owner is right into his fishing, the new layout doesn’t impede that, with generous uncluttered space both in the cockpit aft and on the boarding platform.

Over the transom is a Fleet-Hydrol rise and fall platform with a custom made carbon fibre and teak platform. The carbon fibre was used to not only save weight but also to add extra strength and rigidity to the whole unit. While the 1.5m long platform was built by Motor Yacht Service Centre, the underwater stainless steel assembly was designed and manufactured in Australia.

It has a unique concept of phasing cylinders that ensures even raising and lowering of the platform. With a vertical travel of more than 1m, the platform is extremely versatile and provides the convenience of loading, tender and jet-ski-retrieval, swimming and diving. Ryder says he has fitted a number of these Fleet-Hydrol units and they have proven a perfect solution for the Maritimo.

More Wine, More Berths

The galley has also come in for attention with new Samsung refrigeration complete with icemaker and the addition of a pair of wine fridges. There is also a new stainless steel splash back.

One of the requirements of the owner was some modifications to the accommodation. In the forward cabin, two additional upper single berths were added to turn this area into potentially a four-berth cabin.

The starboard side guest cabin has had the laundry removed and the bottom berth is now lower and more user-friendly. Also, the upholstery throughout the boat has been changed from nuevo suede to foam backed vinyl. This has certainly refreshed the boat and given Eureka a whole new look.

Eureka now has eight berths forward, for family or guests.  Plus there’s always the overflow of the loungers in the saloon and the flybridge, so the boat has plenty of accommodation for overnight charters, fishing trips or family cruising.

Upstairs Head

The big change upstairs is the addition of a head/shower unit on the Juliet deck, which blends in with the original design and minimises the cubicle look.

While in some of the earlier model Maritimo 60s, Motor Yacht Services have extended the roofline eyebrow and added extra moulded side panelling, with Eureka being the sky lounge model, the roofline eyebrow was already extended so there was no requirement to alter it.

With all alterations carried out to the Maritimo 60s, Motor Yacht Services endeavour to retain the lines and style of the original boat, so they still looked very much a Maritimo. The builders have done an excellent job in maintaining that look and there is no clear definition between the old and the new. On the water, especially from a side profile, the changes are hardly noticeable.

Ultimate Wrap

When Eureka first arrived at Motor Yacht Service Centre’s yard, it was finished in the regular gelcoat white, but that’s not what the owner wanted. He was looking for something a little more classy to portray the upmarket charter aspect that the boat is destined for.

For this, Auckland based, Signcorp came aboard and wrapped the hull in a gloss blue metallic film. Done in four parts, the wrapping took the best part of a week and the transformation is stunning. Eureka uses a 3M 1080 long lasting and removable film, fused with a dual layer developed for colour change.

Eureka is based in Port Vila, Vanuatu, till 2018 and then the owner plans to take the boat to either Cairns, Fiji or even Tahiti. He says that while the boat isn’t a dedicated passage maker, it is a comfortable and capable boat for long distance passage making.

From the owner, on his return trip to Port Vila: 

The trip back was easy with good weather, a tailwind and waves. The trip was 1100nm and we averaged 10.4 knots, using 5750 litres of fuel.

On the first two days, we ran the engines at 950 rpm @ 9 knots and 50l/h with the genset. On day three we increased that to 1050 rpm @ 10kts and 55l/h with genset and day four, we accelerate to 1100 rpm and after a few hours went to 1500 rpm speeding at 13 to 14 knots most of the day. For the last 30 minutes, we raised that to 1900 rpm at 20knots.

We had the Gyro on most of the time, apart from when we shut it down after two days for a few hours to change the genset from 24kva to 11 kva and let the Gyro cool down.

The gyro made a huge difference. We found we could take showers downstairs even when the wind strengthened and the sea was building outside. We could easily dine and drink all together in comfort without everything rolling off the tables. The gyro made the trip much more comfortable.

So thanks to all the Ryder Team. Eureka is now a different boat and even better than I expected. Sea handling is excellent and the fuel consumption lower than before. Plus we now have more speed for the same rpm.


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