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The all new RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) Magazine is out now!

In this issue:

18. Talking RIBs – Ronald Winstone looks at the changing market and the technological advances in recent years.

20. A Century of Progress – It’s just over 100 years since the first ‘pneumatic’ boat was launched in Germany. David Palmer profiles the surprising history of the inflatable..

30. Back to Nature Barry Thompson explores the Kaituna, one of the North Island’s lesser known rivers, in an inflatable jetboat.

40. A Buying Dilemma – Doug Dukeson went shopping for a 6-6.5m RIB and found plenty of options.

50. PVC Vs Hypalon – PVC or Hypalon, which is the best choice? Simon Cantelo looks at the attributes of both materials.

60. New Caledonia, A Diving Mecca – Dave Moran takes us on a diving safari into the crystal clear waters of New Caledonia.

70. The Exporters Kiwi RIB manufacturers are setting the benchmark on the world stage. Mike Rose looks at their products and their markets.

82. Refurbishing A Protector – Making a 20 year old Protector look almost better than new.

85. Inflatable Boat Buyers Guide – Looking for an inflatable boat, then check out our comprehensive buyers guide.

26. Rayglass 9m Cabin Protector – Barry Thompson was keen to find out what the 9m Protector had to offer and was it really any better than the 8.5m Protector, its smaller predecessor.

36. Smuggler – The Strata 770 was the first boat to be licensed with the Sealeg amphibious boat technology.

46. Explorer 6000 – Although it has built up an enviable reputation for its waterjet- powered RIBs, Explorer NZ also makes a great range of outboard models. Text by BarryThompson

56. Brig 700 – The new Brig Navigator 700 is 7-metres of versatile, all-rounder RIB, with room enough for 12 people.

66. Assault 1050 – Looking for a boat that will handle just about any seas, anywhere, anytime? Check out this Assault RIB, a big boat that packs a big, mean punch!

78. Atomix 500 – A family sized RIB, the Atomix RHIB 500 comes stacked with standard features. Text by Freddy Foote.


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