Pacific Passage Maker 2018

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In This Issue

120 New Launchings
We check out the very latest Nordhavn 475, the new baby of the fleet, plus get the first glimpse of the latest Explorer 62/63 and 46 Pilothouse. Clipper will be releasing a new range of motor yachts at SCIBS such as the Hudson Bay 54.

124 Anchoring In
Heavy Weather Anchoring in heavy weather can be fraught with issues if you don’t get the basics right. Laurie Cranfield gives us an insight into how to handle the situation.

132 Review: Horizon
FD87 A brand new addition to Horizon’s Fast Displacement series, the new FD87 Skyline is notable for its avant-garde outline appearance and multi-functional design. Barry Thompson went to Taiwan to check it out.

140 Single or Twin Engine Power
We look at the issues of maintenance, fuel consumption, costs and other considerations between a single or twin engine trawler.

146 Review: Grand Banks GB60
Grand Banks redefines gold-plated boatbuilding with an innovatively-designed, 60-foot beauty that’s as singularly fast and fashionable as she is efficient at displacement speeds! Text by Capt. Bill Pike.

152Destination – From Glaciers to Meadows
Tony Fleming takes us on a journey through Prince William Sound, arguably the best place in Alaska to see spectacular coastal scenery and tidewater glaciers calving into the ocean.

160 How Many Summers Do You Have Left?
Laurie and Diane purchased their Nordhavn 46 passagemaker, Envoy, in 2006 and have spent most of eight years living aboard in the Mediterranean. They offer up some handy tips if you are planning to get into live-aboard cruising.

166 The Mysterious Disappearance of Underwater Metal
Mike Telleria looks at the problem of corrosion on boats and offers some advice on how to protect your boat from being eaten away.


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