Alloy Boat Spring 2014 – Issue 3

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Regular Columns

6 Point of View
Have you done your pre-season check list – by Barry Thompson.

8 Quick Look
We take a brief look at the Aqualine 545, Southern 716XP and Everyman

10 News & Notable
New boats, new products and interesting things that are happening.

20 Australian Alloy
Some of the new boats and interesting equipment released on the Australian market.

120 Aluminium Boat Guide
Looking for an aluminium boat then check out our comprehensive listing of over 60 manufacturers and more than 600 models from tiller steer dinghies to hardtops.


24 Bite Time
Weather guru Ken Ring offers some advice on how a successful day on the water is not only about having the right bait.

34 Buyers Guide: 5.5m Cabin
We look at some of the many options available on the market, with an advertised length overall of between 5.4m to 5.6m.

46 Hot New Fishing Products
Mathew Heweston looks at some of the new fishing tackle and accessories for the angler.

54 The Progression of Reels
Paul Walker explores the history and development of reels and explains the differences between today’s modern reels.

66 Fishing in Raro with Moko
Mike Broome left the cold Kiwi winter behind to spend some time fishing off Rarotonga and came away totally sold on this small island paradise..

82 Understanding Fishfinders
Most of us only make use of a small part of the functions, but why not go all the way and learn just how amazing the modern fishfinders are.

90 Southern Sojourn
We took a look at some of the more successful builders from the ‘mainland’ and asked how they saw the future.

100 Fishing the Kaipara
Mathew Hewetson goes softbaiting at the Kaipara Graveyard.


28 FC 610 Hardtop
Freddy Foote checks out the first hardtop from FC Boats.

42 McLay 581 crossXover
A boat that puts a whole new meaning on pontoon boats, says Barry Thompson.

50 Southern XF676
A trip down memory lane for Freddy Foote.

62 DIYNO 701
A well thought out kitset enables first timer to build an impressive boat. Text by Mike Rose.

72 Marco 625 Souwester
Filling a gap in the already extensive Marco range. Text by Barry Thompson.

78 Fyran 550
Fyran Boats has entered into a new era of boat design and construction. Text by Barry Thompson

96 Enduro 4100
A serious contender in the 4m-4.5m open runabout market. Text by Barry Thompson.

106 Finlay Sports 5900
The first boat from Timaru based Finlay Boats. Text by Barry Thompson.

114 Innovision 616 Explorer
Simon Minoprio’s impressive new style of powerboat. Text by Mike Rose.


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