Alloy Boat Issue 12

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118 Point of View
120 Quick Look – FC 620 HT
122 News & Notable
180 Aluminium Boat Guide


134 The Great South American Jet Boat Challenge- Part 2
In the final part of the trip, Matthew Fallow recounts the team travels into Argentina.

154 2 Stroke to 4 Stroke Repower
Deciding to change an old two stroke outboard for a new generation four stroke was a no brainer for Thomas Ansorg and the results certainly prove it.

162 Winter Snapper Fishing
Mat Hewetson looks at some things that may make your cold water fishing for snapper a lot easier.

172 Matching the right reel to the right rod
Mismatching rods and reels can result in having a bad effect on your fishing success. Paul Walker looks at the modern reels and rods and explains why they should be matched.


126 Lazercraft GT 650 HT
Since re-joining the market two years ago, Lazercraft is back and has launched its second new model in just a matter of months. Freddy Foote checks it out.

140 Kiwi Kraft 590 & 620 Hardtop Sports
Barry Thompson takes a look at two of Kiwi Kraft’s latest hardtop models, the 590 Hard Top Sport and the 620 Hard Top Sport.

148 Pinnacle 720
The Pinnacle 720 is the latest offering from a company that specialises in bespoke custom boats, where no two are ever the same. Text by Barry Thompson

159 Nuline 48CC
Barry Thompson says that the Nuline 48CC is about as good as you’ll get for a centre console of its size.

168 Innovision 585 Explorer
This straight-stemmed soft rider goes its own way and offers another alternative to the alloy boat design. Mike Rose checked it out.

176 Adventure 1450CC
The Adventure 1450CC is based on the same hull as the 1450D, with the main difference being the addition of a centre console. Text by Barry Thompson.

On the Cover #11
Pinnacle 720


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