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Snapper Fishing in Kaipara

The kaipara is one of the largest harbours in the world and a perfect place for snapper fishing. But its rugged waters are infamously renowned as a dangerous and intimidating

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Guide to NZ Boat Builders

The deep south of New Zealand has always been a strong boat builders area but none more so than aluminium trailer boats. We took a look at some of the more successful builders from the ‘mainland’ and

Boat Show 2015 Tour Dates

WORLD SUPER BOATS AND FORT LAUDERDALE BOAT SHOW 2015 TOUR Main Tour 16 Days – Preliminary Itinerary DAY 1, Wednesday, November 4 Depart Australia/New Zealand. After arriving in LA, we

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Rarotonga Fishing Experience

Mike Broome left the cold Kiwi winter behind for a classic Rarotonga Fishing Experience and came away totally sold on this small island paradise. Today would ‘freeze the balls off the proverbial brass

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BOAT REVIEW – DIYNO 701 – The DIY Hardtop

Who would have thought that DIY kitset aluminium boatbuilding was a realistic option? Yet young Joshua Jones has proved that with the DIYNO 701, with no prior boatbuilding or even welding experience. Think about